MASK Video Debut

Words from director Ruslan Pelykh

In this video I tried to give a special mood to the viewers. I don’t like any scripts or stories in music videos. My main target is to transfer the mood and special feelings of the song in visual way. What can be better than a musician which opens to any creativity and ideas? The Anix was open to my input so we found the perfect visual for the “Mask” single.

This video is about a dark lonely stranger without face and gender, living a life of invisibility but with the whole universe hiding inside of them. A unique internal world. This individual doesn’t wear a “mask” but meets masks everywhere. They could wear a mask and become one of them who maybe looks better but there’s nothing inside, just an illusion. Instead of this, they open new sides of their character and develop internally.

I really love dark depressive aesthetic, wide shots, cinematography and playing in post-production with effects.

This video was shoot on Leica V – lux camera and hands. I payed big attention to lighting/shadows and editing. It was really cold and windy on shooting days (especially near the ocean) after a recent snow storm but it makes the video even colder and darker which is always great!

-Ruslan Pelykh

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